About Us

Since 1874

The perseverance of Gamma Phi Beta’s Founders and other women like them, moving forward against the sometimes glacial pace of social evolution, has made it possible for today’s young women to assume their right to enjoy all the opportunities afforded their male counterparts. That is why, to fully understand their achievement, we must go back and examine their task within the framework of their own time. Our mission, is to provide Gamma Phi Beta alumnae living in St. Louis and its surrounding areas with opportunities for sisterhood, networking and philanthropy.

Who We Are


Members of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, one of the 10 oldest women's organizations in North America, are proud of our rich and accomplished history, dating back to our founding on November 11, 1874, at Syracuse University in New York. 

During an era when women were discouraged from attending college, four bold and courageous friends came together to form a women's society. They bonded together to face adversity and encourage one another's intellectual growth. Now, more than 140 years later, we celebrate the vision and dedication of those women for whom the word "sorority" was first coined - and all who have come since.

Headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, the Sorority has chartered more than 180 collegiate chapters across the United States and Canada, and has more than 190,000 collegiate and alumnae members worldwide. The Sorority includes more than 130 active collegiate chapters and more than 160 active alumnae chapters. 

Symbols & Tradition

Our Flower

The Pink Carnation


Our Badge

Designed in 1874


Our Symbol

The Crescent Moon

Our Mission

To inspire the highest type of womanhood. 

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Our Vision

We will build confident women of character who celebrate sisterhood and make a difference in the world around us. 

Guiding Principles

  • We promote lifelong commitment, intellectual and personal growth and service to humanity. 

  • We perpetuate our heritage as we commit to the growth of our Sorority.

  • We foster enduring friendships. 

  • We advocate ethical behavior, respect, authenticity, accountability and integrity.

  • We aspire to excellence in all that we do. 

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You can help us to build strong girls and support regional collegiate sisters!