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Leadership Team

2022-2023 Leadership Team


President  - Vicki Helling

Vice President  - Nicole McAllister

Treasurer Debbie Gremmelsbacher

Assistant TreasurerOpen

Recording SecretaryRobin Seuc

VP Membership - Morgan Drury

VP Programs - Erin Risk


VP Membership - Morgan Drury

Assistant Membership - Tricia Brennan

Awards - Kristen Slaughter

Convention Awards - Christy Ehrenreich

Collegiate Relations - Cheryl Wiltsch

Assistant Collegiate Relations - Tina Karch

Alumnae Reference Chair - Rachel Taube

Outreach - Linda Lowry

Young Alumnae - Open

New Members - Katie Heidbrink

Senior Sisters - Kathy Meyer

Alumnae Initiates - Ann Bronsing & Maddie Movesian

Panhellenic Delegates - Nancy Mattingly & Debbie Gremmelsbacher

Historian - Carolyn Terry


VP Programs - Erin Risk

Assistant Programs - Open

Annual Events:

Wine and Cheese Welcome - Nicole McAllister

Founders' Day Celebration - Caiti Sloman

Assistant Founders' Day - Maggie Fix

Holiday Party - Ann Straw

Mother Daughter Tea - Dena Suftko

Assistant Mother Daughter Tea - Leigh Garland

Social Outings:

Daytimers - Ann Bronsing

Wine and Dine - Patty Carnahan

Book Club - Nancy Mattingly & Vicki Helling

Traveling Sisters - Open

Social Sisters - Open


Gamma Phitness - Open

Moms & Tots - Nicole McAllister

Social Sisters: Moonlighters - Open

Social Sisters: Classy Crescents - Open



Communications Chair - Margaret Pate White

Crescent Catch-Up - Maddie Movesian

Webmaster - Jenn Wood

Social Media - Nicole McAllister

Crescent Correspondent - Denise Eschenbrenner

Directory - Open


Development Chair - Haley Fischer

Assistant Development - Holly Jurgenson

Lapel Pins - Tina Steck


Philanthropy Chair - Jackie McIlhagga

Assistant Philanthropy - Olivia Biondo

Shakespeare in the Park - Denise Eschenbrenner

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the open positions, please send an email to

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