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St. Louis Alumnae Chapter Current Members

Our programming, philanthropic efforts, support of collegiate sisters, and more is all provided for by our dues-paying members. If you live in the St. Louis metro area and would like to become a member of our chapter, please consider paying dues

If you think you have paid your dues this year and don't see your name on the list below, please contact our treasurer, or click here to fill out our form.

If you would prefer not to have your name published here please contact us at
Members in 2022-2023 include: 

Marianne Adoor    -   Phi

Diane Altvater    -   Delta Nu

Roberta Bergen    -   Phi and Alpha

Olivia Biondo    -   Delta Nu

Alison Bond    -   Alpha Delta

Andrea Boulais    -   Alpha Delta

Catherine Bowling    -   Alpha Theta

Trisha Brennan    -   Alpha Delta

Margaret Briscoe    -   Alpha Xi

Ann Bronsing    -   Beta Pi

Megan Butts    -   Zeta Delta

Patty Carnahan    -   Delta Nu

Teri Chadwick    -   Eta Xi

Mary Ann Daust-Buehler    -   Phi

Gwen Dillow    -   Pi

Morgan Drury    -   Delta Nu

Denise Eschenbrenner    -   Delta Nu

Christy Ehrenreich    -   Alpha Delta

Bonnie Fiebiger    -   Phi

Haley Fisher    -   Zeta Kappa

Susie Garrison    -   Alpha Delta

Leigh Gartland    -   Delta Nu

Jane Gleason    -   Omicron

Debbie Gremmelsbacher    -   Phi

Sarah Guest    -   Beta Psi

Phyllis Heck     -   Delta Nu

Katie Heidbrink    -   Delta Nu

Vicki Helling    -   Delta Nu

Deanna Heuring    -   Zeta Delta

Monika Hill    -   Gamma Tau

Jennifer Hinkl    -   Zeta Delta

Tina Karch    -   Zeta Alpha

Lynne Lea    -   Phi

Nancy Litzinger    -   Alpha Delta

Linda Lowry    -   Beta Pi

Gabi Marcus    -   Phi

Laura Margolf    -   Zeta Delta

Kristen Marino    -   Gamma Tau

Nancy Mattingly    -   Beta Chi

Nicole McAllister    -   Zeta Delta

Anne McCarthy    -   Omega

Jackie Mcllhagga     -   Gamma Omega

Kimberly McTague    -   Alpha Delta

Barbara Mennell    -   Beta Psi

Erin Mercer    -   Delta Nu

Joyce Merrill    -   Alpha Delta

Lisa Merwin    -   Alpha Zeta

Kathleen Meyer    -   Alpha Nu

Anne Miller    -   Gamma Tau

Joanne Millman    -   Alpha Delta

Madeline Movesian    -   Zeta Delta

Emily Mulligan    -   Zeta Delta

Janis Owings    -   Delta Nu

Jackie Paletta    -   Delta Iota

Kaitlyn Pulliam    -   Zeta Delta

Emily Reinitz    -   Zeta Delta

Diane Richter    -   Gamma Tau

Erin Risk    -   Zeta Delta

Lynn Ritchey    -   Beta Epsilon

Gwen Rogers    -   Omega

Joanne Roman    -   Alpha Theta

Jackie Ruthsatz    -   Phi

Margaret Ryan-DeBonis    -   Alpha

Lauren Schindler    -   Alpha Delta

Debbie Schneider    -   Delta Nu

Robin Seuc    -   Beta Gamma

Patricia Siegel    -   Phi

Kristen Slaughter    -   Beta Mu

Caitlyn Sloman    -   Delta Nu

Anita Steck    -   Phi

Tina Steck    -   Gamma Tau

Suzanne Stein    -   Alpha Nu

Carol Stelmach    -   Alpha Delta

Ann Straw    -   Epsilon

Dena Suftko    -   Delta Nu

Linda Swaney    -   Phi

Rachel Taube    -   Zeta Iota

Carolyn Terry    -   Phi

Chris Toole    -   Omega

Eileen Valentine    -   Alpha Delta

Bailey Vanbeers    -   Alpha Delta

Sally Waite    -   Alpha Delta

Nicole Whitesell    -   Alpha Delta

Jill Wilkis    -   Phi

Cheryl Wiltsch    -   Delta Nu

Renee Winchester    -   Delta Nu

Jenn Wood    -   Gamma Tau

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