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We are always looking for new faces to join our St. Louis Alumnae Chapter. Whether you are a recent graduate, moved recently or have been distanced from the chapter for a while, we want to see you!


Below is a breakdown of the membership dues. 

$25 International Dues

(this money does not stay with our local alumnae group)

It is forwarded to International Headquarters to support the efforts   of our entire organization by promoting leadership and sisterhood for women at the collegiate and alumnae levels in addition to our International philanthropies.  This amount is set by International Gamma Phi Beta. 

$25 Local Membership

(this money stays with our local alumnae chapter)

These funds support our activities including, but not limited to, programming, convention support for our president, collegiate chapter support  (there are 5 chapters now!), philanthropy commitments, Founder’s Day support for collegians and general operations.   $3 of the $25 goes to Panhellenic in St. Louis meaning we keep $22 locally.

$299 International Life Loyal Membership

This is an exclusive program for members who want to continue to support the growth and lifelong traditions of our international organization, all while fulfilling their financial obligation to Gamma Phi Beta. With a one-time dues fee you are contributing to a fund that will help finance membership benefits, like The Crescent, for you and our future members to continue to enjoy. The establishment of this fund alleviates the need to use collegiate resources to fund the Sorority magazine, a mostly alumnae benefit.

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Additional options to add to your membership:

Super Sister

By selecting a donation level of your choice, you will be acknowledged at Founder’s Day and will also be helping to support our philanthropies, operations and activities of our local chapter. Options for Super Sister donations are $10, $25, $45 or $70+.

For additional questions:

Call or email Debbie Gremmelsbacher 


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Pay by Check or Cash

Please Contact:

Debbie Gremmelsbacher 

10109 Kennerly Road 

St. Louis. MO 63128


Image by Gavin Spear